... to a region full of hospitable people, to places where the beauty of nature meets up with good food and drink. Excellent beer has been brewed here since time immemorial – beer whose quality has been (and continues to be) appreciated by many experts. The Blansko region and the Moravian Karst are aptly encapsulated by the old Czech adage “Where beer is brewed, life is good!” So welcome to the Černá Hora brewery!

The history of the brewery
  The Černá Hora brewery is the oldest working brewery in Moravia and has retained its historic appearance to this day. The earliest written account of the brewery comes from a document dating back to 28 October 1530, when the brothers Tas and Jaroslav Černohorský of Boskovice divided up their property. There is good evidence that the brewery existed far earlier than this, since the beginnings of brewing in the local area are suggested by taprooms and tapster cottages as early as 1355. From feudal times until the end of the 19th century the brewery was owned and run by the owners of the estate. In 1896 an Agrarian Brewing and Malting Joint-Stock Company was established in Černá Hora, which ran the brewery up until nationalisation. Exactly a hundred years later, in 1996, a new joint-stock company was founded, which has owned and run the brewery ever since. The brewery has preserved the traditional brewing technology built over the centuries by generations of brewers.

A tour of the brewery
  During your tour you will get the chance of seeing historical and modern brewing processes, and you will find out everything of importance in the history of the brewery and the production of beer and malt. The tour comes to an end with the chance of tasting some Černá Hora beer or Černá Hora soft hop drink in the Malt House Centre located on the site of the former malt house.
You can arrange a tour of the brewery (including the length of the tour and further details) in writing or over the telephone:
Pivovar Černá Hora, a. s., 679 21 Černá Hora 3/5
Tel.: +420 516 482 271
Fax: +420 516 482 275
Mobile: +420 777 723 798

Individual brands of Černá Hora beer

TAS - 10% light draught beer.
  This beer is named after the owner of the Černá Hora brewery in the 16th century - Tas Černohorský of Boskovice.
MORAVSKÉ SKLEPNÍ (MORAVIAN CELLAR) - 10 % unfiltered light draught beer.
  An unfiltered beer with a high content of yeast cells. Also known as “beer like it was in the olden days”.
KERN - 10% medium-dark draught beer.
  The first brand of medium-dark beer produced in the Czech lands.
PÁTER (FATHER) - 11 % light lager.
  A beer named after Father Vincenc ©evčík, founder of the joint-stock company in 1896.
LE®ÁK (LAGER) - 12% light lager.
  The recipe for brewing this beer has been passed down between our brewers for several centuries.
GRANÁT (GARNET) - 12 % dark lager.
  Characterised by a garnet - reddish-brown colour, with a good head and body.
KVASAR - 14% special light beer with added honey.
BLACK HILL - a beer aperitif, made to an original recipe from carefully selected raw materials and the extracts of 30 herbs.

  In addition to beer the Černá Hora brewery also makes soft drinks. These soft drinks are characterised by being flavoured with hops, which is patent-protected exclusively for the Černá Hora brewery. The brewery’s soft drink Koala won the prestigious Gold Award at the Salima 2004 trade fair.
  A new addition to the Černá Hora range is the beer spirit Monte Negro Silver, and Monte Negro Gold, which matures for several months in oak and acacia barrels.

Beer Fair
  Since 1996 the Černá Hora brewery has been organising a regular Beer Fair at the brewery, held every year on the last Saturday in the month of September in “Saint Wenceslas Week”. This Beer Fair has become extremely popular and is attended by several thousand Černá Hora beer lovers every year.

April Fair
  Since the year 2000 the Černá Hora brewery has also been holding a regular April Fair at the brewery at the end of April. If excellent Černá Hora beer flows at the Beer Fair in the autumn, then the excellent Černá Hora soft hop-flavoured drinks flow here in April. An extensive programme of events at the brewery is aimed principally at the very young, though we also make sure there is something for our older visitors to enjoy.

"Sladovna" - The Malt House Entertainment Centre
- restaurant - seating around a hundred; separate no-smoking room
- hunting room - seating around fifty - weddings, graduations, company events,
  family gatherings, etc. - fitted with audio-visual facilities
- garden restaurant - seating around sixty - outdoor barbeques
- period rustic seating - rustic inn - period seating outside for eighty
- fitness centre, solarium, massages
- bowling - two superb bowling lanes
- theatre stage
- large-screen projections
- pool and darts
- a branch of the bookmakers Tipsport
- the entire Malt House centre can be booked for company receptions
- screenings of sporting events - football Wednesdays
- discothèques and dance evenings
- live music performances of all kinds
- travel programmes
- theatre performances and events for children
- gourmet events

Bookings: Centrum Sladovna - tel.: + 420 516 482 471, fax.: + 420 516 482 475,
mobile: 777 723 798, e-mail:

You can find up-to-date information on the Internet at and on local posters and in regional newspapers.