... to a paradise for all hikers and cyclists. The countryside here is interwoven with an extensive network of hiking trails, while cyclists will find well signposted paths here in terrain suitable for both recreational cycling and more demanding sports cycling. The magic of the local region is enhanced by the great variety of the countryside, which will turn your bicycle trip into an unforgettable experience ...

We would like to give you a few tips for bicycle rides in the Blansko area and the Moravian Karst. All these rides pass through attractive parts of the region, and can be managed with no problem by people who get on a bicycle just for fun. These routes are intended merely as a guide – you needn’t stick to them absolutely. The Blansko – Moravian Karst region is literally made for exploring on a bicycle. Happy hunting!

Through the Heart of Southern Moravia
Blansko - Moravský kras - Sloup - Ostrov u Macochy - Rudice - Jedovnice - Ruprechtov - Ježkovice - Opatovická přehrada - Dědice - Vyškov
  The towns of Blansko and Vyškov have together drawn up a cycle path project, which connects the two towns and takes the cyclists along signposted cycle paths and hiking paths to some of the most beautiful places in the Moravian Karst and the Vyškov area. The path is around 50 km long and runs through terrain designed for less proficient cyclists. Your guide along the way will be Srdínko, who appears on 11 information boards acquainting you with the most important tourist destinations along the route.
  The first information board is in Blansko, right by the Blanka tourist information centre. Local cycle path 5117 will take you from Blansko to the Amber Way, which you will take to Skalní Mlýn (Rock Mill) in the Moravian Karst, to the next information board. Here you can visit the Catherine Cave, and then set off again along the connecting route of the Amber Way (5/5) to the Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss, the greatest tourist attractions in the Moravian Karst. A pleasant ride through the forested Pustý Žleb (Desert Glen) awaits you. Dozens of caves can be found on the sides of the glen. The third information board can be found in the centre of the village of Sloup.
  From Sloup Srdínko will send you to the next information board in the village of Ostrov u Macochy – on the other side of Hotel Broušek you will rejoin the main route of the Amber Way. Ride through the village, about 1.5 km out of the village you will turn off the Amber Way onto the road to Vilémovice, and make your way along the red hiking path leading to the village of Rudice, where you will meet up again with your guide Srdínko at the Windmill. He will take you along local cycle path 5119, via the Rudice Sink, to Jedovnice, a place of rest and relaxation that will certainly be welcome at the halfway point on your journey. In Jedovnice signs after 500 metres leading to the Olšovec Campsite will lead you to the final information board in the Moravian Karst at the campsite.
  Your journey will then follow the red signs in the direction of the Rakovec Valley. After about 800 metres turn onto the dam of the Budkovan and Vrbový reservoirs and join cycle path 5080, which you will follow to the hill Malina, where you will turn right. After about a kilometre and a half along a forest path you will come to a crossroads, where you will turn left onto signposted cycle path 5072, taking you alongside the reservoir, and then to Ruprechtov. As you enter the village you will meet up again with your guide Srdínko, who will tell you about the windmill at the end of Ruprechtov and the thatched cottage on the village green.
  From Ruprechtov continue along the 5072. You will leave it on the other side of the village and join the 5074, which will take you into the picturesque Catherine Valley. The terrain here is a little more demanding, but it is well worth the effort. Above the valley, after you turn to the left up a steep hill, Srdínko will again be waiting for you, to give you some information about a visit to the nearby ruins of Kuchlov and Hrádek. You now find yourself above Opatovice Reservoir. Cycle down from the reservoir into the village of Opatovice, which gave the reservoir its name. Then carry on along the 5071, which will take you to Dědice church, where Srdínko will again be waiting for you with some interesting information. Now you have just the last section of your journey ahead of you – a ride along the edges of Dědice and through Smetanovy Sady (Smetana Gardens) in Vyškov to the Aquapark.

A Bird´s- Eye View
Blansko - Panorama - Obůrka - Veselice - Nové Dvory - Těchov - Blansko
  The first part of this ride follows local cycle path 5116 from the centre of town along the Palava recreation area and up a long hill to Hotel Panorama in Češkovice. From here the cycle path will take you to Obůrka and the U Jiřího restaurant, and then along a pleasant forest path to the lookout tower in Veselice, which will give you a remarkable view of the countryside of the Moravian Karst. Cycle down from the lookout tower into the village of Veselice, and at the first turning to the right carry on in the direction of Nové Dvory, from where an easy descent down the hill back to Blansko awaits you. For those who prefer more demanding mountain bike country, we recommend continuing from Nové Dvory along the Novodvorská lime tree alley to the ruins of Blansek Castle, from where a steep forest path will take you down to the Punkva Caves. You can then get back to Blansko along the Amber Way through Punkva Valley.

A Blend of History and Nature
Blansko - Dolní Lhota - Rájec nad Svitavou - Petrovice - the 5117 cycle path - Blansko
  Set off from Blansko along the River Svitava in the direction of Dolní Lhota and Spešov as far as Rájec-Jestřebí. Turn to the right at the very beginning of the village on the other side of the Moravian Ceramics Works, and a gentle incline will take you to the renaissance chateau in Rájec nad Svitavou. After a few dozen metres, signposted local cycle path 5085 branches off the main path and will take you to the village of Karolín. Then follow the undulating terrain with a gentle incline to the village of Petrovice, where the first turning to the right leads to the U Hraběnky boarding house. The 5116 cycle path leads through the village. On the other side of the village set out on the 5117 cycle path downwards along the easy path to Blansko.

The Secrets of the Moravian Karst
Blansko - Skalní Mlýn - Catherine Cave - Suchý Žleb - Ostrov u Macochy - Sloup - Pustý Žleb - Skalní Mlýn - Blansko
  This route will take you past all the four caves in the Moravian Karst open to the public, and runs basically along the familiar long-distance cycle path the Amber Way (no. 5). You join it in Blansko by the ČKD Blansko headquarters and follow the Punkva River as far as Skalní Mlýn (Rock Mill). You will then ride through Suchý Žleb (Dry Glen), past the Catherine Cave and onwards to Ostrov u Macochy and the Balcarka Cave, before continuing along the cycle path to the village of Sloup. Then awaits Pustý Žleb (Desert Glen) and the descent to the Punkva Caves, Skalní Mlýn, the Punkva Valley and Blansko.

Medieval Journey
Blansko - Klepáčovská Cesta (Klepáčov Way) - Olomučany Crossroads - Hradská Cesta (Castle Way) - Nový Hrad - Adamov - Josefov Valley - Olomučany - Blansko
  Leaving Blansko in the Adamov direction, set out along local cycle path 5081 - the Klepáčov Way - which runs into cycle path 5119. The rather steep incline will turn into a comfortable ride along the Castle Way, from which you can turn off to visit the medieval Nový Hrad (New Castle). Castle Way then descends into the valley and heads for Adamov. Continue from Adamov along cycle path 5077 through the Josefov Valley past the František Ironworks, and take the incline through Josefov to Olomučany, from where you can return to Blansko without problem.

Iron Trails - a short round-trip
Blansko - Adamov - Josefov Valley - Josefov - Wiehlova Cesta (Wiehl Way) - Klostermann Well - Rudice - Lažánky - Blansko
  Set off from Blansko along the Amber Way to Adamov, and then along cycle path 5077 through the Josefov Valley to Josefov. On the other side of the village continue along the cycle path to the right into the forest along the relatively demanding incline of Wiehl Way. Turn left at the crossroads onto cycle path 5081 and then the 5119 past the Klostermann Well and the U Černých Hlín lakes to Rudice. Finally take the descent through the village of Lažánky to Blansko.

Iron Trails - a long round-trip
Blansko - Adamov - Josefov Valley - Křtiny - Jedovnice - Lažánky - Blansko
  As with the small round-trip above you start in Blansko, before riding to Adamov and through the Josefov Valley. This time ride all the way through the Josefov Valley, past the caves Býčí Skála (Bull Rock) and Kostelík (Little Church) or the cave Výpustek. In Křtiny you will pass Santini’s wonderful Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary and an arboretum with rare tree species. You will then get to Jedovnice, a known recreation area. On the way back to Blansko all that awaits you is the gentle “Převážka” hill and the long descent through the village of Lažánky.