Welcome to the Blansko region ...
... to an extremely attractive tourist area, where you will find a wide range of opportunities for culture, sport and relaxation. You are invited to visit the many museums and galleries in the area, as well as various cultural events. The active sportsmen and women among you will find excellent facilities for practically all kinds of sport, while the rest can take advantage of the services offered by one of the recreational sites in the region. Come and have some fun!

Culture - "Remarkable Experiences"

  Blansko Museum is housed at Blansko Chateau and offers exhibits and exhibitions about the region: The Moravian Karst, The Oldest Ironworks, The History of Blansko Castle, Decorative and Functional Casting of the 19th and 20th Centuries (see picture), Historical Interiors, and The History of Measuring Equipment. It also has a new untraditional exhibition hall called "Zámecký Sklep"(Chateau Cellar).
  An exhibition of "Olomučany Ceramics" in the local council building.
  The highlight in Rudice is its windmill which is home to a museum of the history of Rudice and a permanent exhibition of speleology, mineralogy and the history of the iron industry and mining. The local Geological Park displays natural samples of rocks and minerals, a replica of a rustic lime kiln and a charcoal house with a charcoal pile. 
  A museum of traditional housing, button-making and pearl working in an original earthen cottage (agricultural farmstead) with a thatched roof.
  Františka Ironworks - an exhibition of the iron industry from the Technical Museum in Brno.
  Museum of Speleology with a permanent exhibition entitled "Caves, the Karst and All of Us".
Blansko Gallery - exhibitions of a high standard by leading artists are held here on a regular basis throughout the year. The retail exhibitions at Christmas (see picture) and Easter have become traditional events
Galerie N Ateliér - private gallery.
Rudice - Rudice Gallery.
Rájec - Jestřebí - exhibition hall in the Town Library.
Entertainment centres
Černá Hora - Sladovna Centre (restaurant, fitness centre, solarium, massages, bowling, yard with theatre podium and rustic seating, large-screen TV)
Blansko, Jedovnice, Sloup, Doubravice nad Svitavou
Hotel Dukla, Tavern Sýpka, Restaurant Velvet, Hotel Hejč, Pizzeria "Pizzazz"
Černá Hora - Victory Dance Hall
Blansko - Pizzeria „Pizzazz“
Dolní Lhota - Club Mlýn
Live music
Blansko - Restaurant Velvet, Restaurant Sýpka - Jazzclub
  Dances and country evenings are held in many towns and villages in the region during the summer.
Cultural institutions in Blansko
Blansko Cultural Centre
  Organises cultural and social events - concerts, theatre performances and entertainments; runs the Blansko Chamber Orchestra.
Blansko Library
  The second oldest cultural institution in Blansko, offering visitors a wide range of services, including a music department and access to the Internet.
The Rastislav Choir - the oldest society in Blansko; also gives performances abroad.
Blansko Theatre
The Ulita (Shell) Association - specialising in leisure activities for the young.
The folklore groups Drahan (see picture) and Drahánek
Přehled významných kulturních akcí v regionu
• The Magical Tones of Macocha (June) - music festival held in the caves
  of the Moravian Karst and at the bottom of the Macocha Abyss
• Open days at Nový Hrad (New Castle) (see picture) - historical camp
  with demonstrations of medieval weapons and crafts.
• Historical Beer Fair in Blansko (June).
• Main Fair in Křtiny (May).
• Music at Blansko Chateau (June - September) - cycle of concerts..
• Beer Carnival in Černá Hora (September - see picture) - an extensive
  cultural programme at the Černá Hora brewery.
• Iron festivities in Rudice (July) - traditional smelting of iron ore
• Cultural summer in Rájec (June)
• Blansko´s (Not Only) Folk Summer (July-August) - cycle of folk concerts,
  Wednesdays at the Blansko Chateau

Sport - "purification of the body and soul"

  There are many sports associations and clubs operating in the Blansko region, training sportsmen and women in all disciplines and categories. Such famous names as Ludvík Daněk - Olympic discus champion, swimmer Yvetta Hlaváčová and ice-hockey star Roman Meluzín are closely associated with Blansko, which is often called a "town of sport".
Sports grounds
ČKD Sports Club, The Association of Sports Clubs, Olympia Blansko Sports Club, RC Automobile Club, the Palava recreation grounds (see picture - beach volleyball, minigolf), "Sports Island" - outdoor swimming pool, sauna, ice stadium (in-line area in the summer), indoor swimming pool, rehabilitation centre, skate park
ATC Olšovec (volleyball, beach volleyball, foot-netball, minigolf)
Sports centre Clestica (squash, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, massages)
Recreational sports
Outdoor swimming pools - Adamov, Blansko, Křtiny, Sloup
Indoor swimming pool - Blansko
Reservoirs, lakes - Jedovnice-Olšovec, Blansko (Palava - see picture), Ostrov u Macochy, Rudice, Vysočany
Yachting - Jedovnice
Boat hire - Jedovnice
Tennis courts - Adamov, Blansko, Černá Hora, Jedovnice, Krasová, Rájec-Jestřebí, Rudice
Squash - Blansko (a highly modern centre with four courts)
Fitness centres - Blansko, Černá Hora, Rájec-Jestřebí, Sloup
Skittles - Blansko (see picture), Jedovnice
Bowling - Blansko, Černá Hora, Rájec-Jestřebí
Skiing - Ski centre in Blansko - Hořice (the Husky and Malamute ski-tows), cross-country skiing routes around Sloup, Jedovnice, Kotvrdovice, Lipovec and Křtiny
Horse riding - Hořice, Doubravice nad Svitavou, Petrovice
Sports clubs
The Association of Sports Club in Blansko, ČKD Sports Club Blansko, FK Blansko, Olympia Sports Club Blansko, Blansko Hockey Club, Sokol Sports Club Blansko, Biathlon Club, MTB Racing Team, Blansko Automobile and Motorbike Club, Blansko Rally Club, FIT CLUB, the Yoga in Daily Life Association.
Important sports events
Blansko - Moravian Karst half-marathon + People’s Run (June), International VW Beetle gathering (June), Pells Cups (August), The "Blansko Plecháč" (July) - open triathlon race, "Hromniční trápení" - orienttring (February), "Macocha Veteran Tour" (June) - competition for historical vehicles, Street for Street (July, August), Moravian Karst Run.
Jedovnice - International Motorboat Races (September).
Rudice - Vehicle Cup (September).